How You can earn Massive Savings with Crowns Rewards

It’s Lao from Many Crowns and I have some wonderful news for those of you looking for massive savings on our store!

You may have noticed there’s a little blue button at the bottom left hand of our website. It might come up as a plus sign or the word ‘rewards’. When you click on it, behold the secret world of Many Crowns rewards! In order to qualify for rewards, you need to sign up. So make sure you do that first otherwise you can log in (we also give you 200 crowns for free when you do).

Crowns are the points that you can spend on many rewards on our site. You can also earn crowns by doing a number of different actions. Here’s a breakdown of some of them :

You also get four crowns for every pound that you spend.

One little tip: if you sign up you’ll already have enough crowns to get the free delivery reward. And the great thing is, every time you reach a certain amount of Crowns, send it on the same reward as many times as you like as long as you have enough crowns to spend.

Our referral system is a great way to earn loads of Crowns very quickly!

Here’s how it works. You’ll get a special link that’s connected to your account to Many Crowns. When you share that link on social media your email address business cards or whatever you like, and somebody follows up by clicking on that link and then signing up, you receive 500 Crowns instantly and they receive a 10% discount. If you check the rewards list 500 crowns can give you a very good reward. So straight away you can start benefiting from this system if you’re quite a sociable and savvy person.

Referral Link Referral Link 2

If you have any questions about this just reach out to us on our chat or email

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