Why are our Delivery Times Longer than Amazon?

I’ll come clean and say it. I used to be a little addicted, ok, ok.. I *was* addicted to Amazon Prime. 

But can you blame me? Amazon is amazing at selling you stuff you never knew you needed. And their Prime service makes it all the more tantalising. Especially when you know you can get certain items the next day, and in some cases, that very day! 

And this brings us to today’s question?

In a world of incredibly fast delivery times, why is it that the Many Crowns delivery times are not as fast as Amazon Prime?

Good question. The answer? Made to order products.

Every single Many Crowns product is made to order. This means that when you press ‘buy’, that item is sent off to our partner factory (either in the USA or Europe) where it is printed on the garment for the first time. Its then bagged and sealed especially for you and shipped out directly to your address of choice.

Depending on what you order, the manufacturer time can take anything up to 5 days. It’s normally shorter than this, but if there are a lot of orders then it can take a little bit longer. After this you could be waiting anything up to 5 working days for delivery depending on where you live. 

So, when you add that up in total you can be waiting up to 10 working days or two weeks, before you see your package.

During holidays it can be a bit longer, due to high demand and of course closure of factories. With this in mind, hopefully it makes sense why it can take longer than an amazing service like Amazon Prime. But it also shows you that when you order from Many Crowns, you are receiving a one of a kind, never been worn, individually wrapped product that will be pristine when it arrives. (as a side note it also means that your product hasn’t been waiting in a factory 4 months before it was ordered).

The last benefit is not so obvious. With this model it allows Many Crowns to come up with many designs. As a business it can be very expensive to come up with new designs, manufacture them and then store them in a warehouse waiting to be sold. With the made-to-order model, we can announce a new design on Friday and launch it on Monday! In short, this means that you can expect more designs.

Finally, as the company grows, we will be able to reduce the shipping time. Stay in touch keep partnering with us and we’ll be sure to let you know when we have this news.

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