Best Christian T-shirt Brands 2019

You have so much choice when it comes to clothing, but quickly Google ‘Christian t-shirts’ and you’ll find it’s a chore to find quality Christian T-shirt brands.

I have my theories on why this is, but today we’ll be serving up a selection of some of the best Christian T-shirt brands on offer right now, saving you hours of sifting through pages on Google, Facebook and Instagram. Read to the end for a super cool time saver!

A quick disclaimer on what this is not:

This is not a list of the best Christian T-shirt shops; we define a shop as an outlet that lists clothing among many other products. In other words, if Christian clothing isn’t the main offering, we’d say you’re looking at a shop. Shops also tend not to have a distinct theme, message or story behind selling Christian-inspired apparel. Brands can be sold in shops, but not vice versa. But don’t misunderstand, we love shops! In fact, we may write an article on these too (if you want us to), but it’s important to distinguish these from brands.

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Credentials and Judging Criteria

As the owner of Many Crowns & mayamada, I’ve developed a keen eye for quality Christian clothing brands. There are a lot of them out there and to my knowledge, I am the first (if not, one of the first) to bring a selection of the best brands to you, the people!

In arriving at this final set, we have reviewed over 50 Christian brands from around the world. We’ve also created a useful list of the top 20 Christian clothing brands to check out, which you can view here.

To keep things competitive, we looked at the following when choosing our top brands:

· Who’s running the ship?

We look out for info on business owners and their story.

· What does the brand stand for?

Do they use their brand to overtly lift Jesus Christ up, or is their approach more nuanced?

A quick note on this point: there’s no right or wrong way to do this. For some, Jesus Christ in big letters on a T-shirt is perfect and for others, a simple dove motif will do the job too. Fashion is definitively subjective and we’re simply looking for brands that are pushing God’s Kingdom agenda, however, they choose to do it.

Instead of just listing the brands from 1 to 5, we decided to come up with different awards:

The Categories:

Best International Brand

This award is given to the brand that not only has an excellent message but ships globally. In order to qualify, the brand must be able to ship to Asia, the Americas, Europe and Africa.

Best Product Range

Some brands are great at maximising one big idea, but this award goes to the brand with a wide range of quality products. To keep things fair, we’re setting the minimum number of products at 7. Knowing how much work goes into a single design, we believe that having at least seven great products is a sign of hard work and dedication to quality and consistency.

Dripping with Quality

This award goes to the brand that brings the wow factor, from the moment you land on their website or social media pages. From the fonts to the imagery, it’s the kind of brand that you have no trouble remembering and telling others about, even if it’s not your personal style.

All about Jesus

It wouldn’t be the Many Crowns Awards if we didn’t have a special prize for the brand that promotes Jesus in a big way. To win this award, we look at the overall brand message, as well as the products and website.

Best Brand Spring/Summer 2019

The top award will be given to the brand that can demonstrate excellence in all (or at least three) of the categories above.

Photo by Ben White on Unsplash

And now, without further ado, we proudly present to you the Many Crowns Best Christian T-shirts Brands of 2019:


Best International Brand Award:


  • What’s the brand about?
    • As they put it, ‘The core identity of ‘J.NIS.SI’ is rooted in the tireless and unceasing pursuit of becoming a conqueror.’ We think this is a great brand for those who see themselves as a warrior within.
  • Who’s behind it?
    • Edwin Melchizedek from London, who was inspired by the look and the courage of ancient conquerors
  • Why did they win?
    • JNissi has the best worldwide shipping cost at a flat rate of £11.00! If you buy internationally, you know that shipping costs can often equal the price of the items, so this is a great brand benefit.
  • Where can I buy?

Best Product Range Award:

NHim apparel

  • What’s the brand about?
    • The name is inspired by the verse: “In Him, we live & move & exist.” Acts 17:28
    • NHim describes themselves as ‘a premium Christian clothing brand for men & women – promoting others to become everyday missionaries through casual conversations.’
  • Who’s behind it?
    • Missionary duo Matt and Diane from Colorado USA, who have a storefront location in Park Meadows Mall.
  • Why did they win?
    • NHim has a large women’s range in gym, fitness and casual wear. This is uncommonly extensive in Christian brands, and with a great line of New Era licensed products for the guys, you’re bound to find something you love.
  • Where can I buy?

Dripping with Quality Award:

Native Supply

  • What’s the brand about?
    • According to Native, they are all about ‘Personal devotion to God; not just about ink meeting fabric, but the message it communicates. In all that we do, we live for His Glory Alone. We don’t run, we don’t hide. We belong here. We’re Natives.’
  • Who’s behind it?
    • The jury is still out on exactly who runs it, but we understand Christian Hip hop artist KB is involved in a big way.
  • Why did they win?
    • Native Supply is exceptional in the quality category and has a fantastic product range. The photography and the website design are well thought out and you get the sense of a brand for the people from the moment you land on their site.
  • Where can I buy?

All About Jesus Award:

Grateful Apparel

  • What’s the brand about?
    • In their own words, Grateful Apparel is ‘committed to the Great Commission and are geared towards helping those in need’. They have a house which accommodates homeless people and those recovering from drug abuse.
  • Who’s behind it?
    • Ray/Raymond, a saint with a big heart who is dedicated to helping those in need.
  • Why did they win?
    • Grateful has a powerful story. The owner used to be a drug dealer and addict and shares his testimony of how Jesus saved him. We actually think you should check it out for yourselves – they share it better than we ever could.
  • Where can I buy?

Best Brand Spring/Summer 2019 Award:


  • Where can I buy?
  • Why did they win?
    • Have you seen their site?! It’s top class!
    • They already hold the Dripping With Quality Award, but beyond that, they have a great product range, worldwide delivery and stand unashamed of the Kingdom of God

Photo by Edwin Andrade on Unsplash

Honourable Mentions

Congrats to all of the winners and before we go, I want to share a great resource for anyone looking to find more great Christin T shirt brands. We have put together a list of the Top 20 Christian Clothing Brands which includes plenty of gems you may not know about.

We will update the list every quarter, so you can also submit your brand and a brand you know for consideration. 

View the list here

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