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Today I want to talk to you about our logo. This is the second version of the Many Crowns logo, I decided it would be good if we could have a badge version so at the end of 2018 our designer helped us revise it. 

The processOur logo is actually quite simple but you wouldn’t believe it, I think we came up with more than 20 versions of this thing before we got it right. I started off with sketches and filled a number of pages with ideas.Initially, I was thinking of ways to communicate the “many” of the Many Crowns but they didn’t really work for me so I decided it might be better to just have one crown. Sure, it might not be several crowns which would go very well with the concept of many but it would be cleaner and people would get it and to be honest, sometimes it’s just better if people understand what you’re trying to communicate quickly and easily.

As I decided to go with one crown the next question I had to answer was what would this crown look like, so I went onto the internet and researched loads of different types of Crowns. I researched crowns from different cultures, crowns from folklore; crowns from all over the place even logo crowns because I am making a logo after all.As part of the inspiration process, I wanted to fill my mind with the images of Crowns, so that when I made my own I would be sure the right image would stand out in my head. 

I knew for sure that I wanted to make the crown as simplistic as possible. It has always been a logo rule but generally speaking if you look at some of the most iconic logos in the world today they are quite simple and don’t have a lot of elements. This helps people remember it and also trust it faster. After playing around with a few geometric arrangements I finally settled on a version I was happy with and began to tweak that version. I think tweaking your design is a great way to see if there’s anything surprising that can come out that you didn’t think of at first. It’s a totally safe process because the main idea is already there but if you do find something that works it can be a big win, so I always include this as part of my process.

The symbolismWhat do all these elements in our logo mean? Well, I’m glad you asked, let’s focus this one the crown. The crown points to two things firstly the fact that Jesus Christ is the king of all kings, secondly, it’s the crown of many crowns, thirdly it symbolises the crowns that we have in Jesus Christ.Next up is the Jewel of the crown. There has been much speculation around the meaning of this element in our logo but let me reveal what it means once and for all. The jewel is simply a water symbol that points to the Holy Spirit.Finally, we have the 6 lines that emanate from the crown. I think I just gave that one away, the six lines represent light. In the Bible Jesus Christ calls himself the light and he calls us the light of the world.All of these elements together make the many crowns logo.

Some other technical detailsYou might find that there are two versions of the logo we have a long version and a badge version. Sometimes it’s important to have two versions so that your logo can be clearly seen in different formats.If you go to our home page you’ll notice that we use the long form of the logo in our header. The reason we use this version is that it allows our logo to be clearly read by anyone that comes to the site. If we could use the badge version we would have had to make it incredibly big which would have made it look out of place or if we kept it to a reasonable size the text would have been too small to read which as you can imagine would not be very useful for anyone.However, if we have a poster or if we want to brand any clothing we tend to use the badge logo. We find this logo is a very good use of small space. From the two formats, we prefer the badge the best. We hope this article was insightful and helpful. If you have your own brand or if you’re thinking of coming up with a logo whether it’s a brand or a company selling cows let me know in the comments what you thought and how you came up with your own logo, what was the process like, was it a fun process, did you get someone to design it for you or did you do it yourself?Until next time!

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